GSG Squash Court Glass Walls

We excel in quality and knowledge of squash glass walls. For high-quality squash courts we manufacture 10 types of standard glass backwalls, side walls, four sided walls and also not standard glasswalls. Complete with solid squasdoors, -locks and -hinges. This high quality hardware has proved itself for many years on the Hardmaas Tiel squashwalls.

Our key features

  • Approved and certified by the World Squash Federation (WSF)
  • Professional maintenance and replacement
  • Skilled repair of squash glass fractures
  • Standard and custom-made glass walls
  • Handicap access possibility

Our services

We deliver glass squash walls all over Europe. In Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands we can also arrange the installation. Besides the maintenance, repair and replacement of our own products, our installers are also very competent with repairing walls from Prospec and Ellis Pearson.